Sony Now Finally Ready To Get Big Profits From PS4

By   /   May 25, 2016
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So far, Sony Computer Entertainment has easily managed to outdo Microsoft in terms of the PS4 vs Xbox One console wars by almost two to one, and while they are expecting to ship 20 million units in the next fiscal year, the executives at SCE still think they are getting ready to start harvesting the profits.

It has been nearly a thousand days (something over two and a half years) since the console was launched, and in this time they have nearly shipped 40 million units; and guess what, the fun has only just started.

In the financial earnings call of the company, Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida explained to the stakeholders what they can expect in the future from the PlayStation business by saying:

About two and half years have passed since the PlayStation 4 went on sale, and we believe we are beginning to enter the part of the console cycle where we harvest profits.

This means that the fiscal year 2017 is the first year in the eyes of Sony when they will truly reap the profits. What ever happened before this was just a warm up then?

Anyhow, we are continuously getting unconfirmed news regarding Sony’s plans to introduce PS4 Neo aka PS4K, about which it has been rumored that the upgraded console could release this year courtesy of a major French distributor – which later retracted the statement that allegedly leaked this information.

Alongside this, Sony has also revealed strong potential growth in the PlayStation Network and PlayStation PLus subscriptions, claiming that the latter will provide pretty healthy profits in the coming period.

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