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Resident Evil 7: Things We Want and Do Not Want

Whether Resident Evil 7 releases by March 2017 or not the game’s rumors have amplified since 2013 though Capcom is yet to fill us in on it.

However, we are sure they are going to do that, and we agree Masachika Kawata needs to deliver survival horror in the game. But there are other things too. So here we are with a discussion on exactly what we want and do not want from the game.

Things We Want and Don’t Want in Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 needs to be about pure survival and not twisted plots about protagonists being used as weapons, brainwashing, and double agents. What we need is a pure survival based game that takes you to a new place, as far as I am concerned, let’s not go too adventurous and set the game in a world similar to the current modern world.

The cast needs to be diverse, of course, with males and females from different ethnicities, and for that maybe a location with more tourism potential would suit Resident Evil 7 because we also want developers to add some more human feeling to the game.

Needless to say, diverse background and something exclusive they bring to the table, like in Resident Evil: Outbreak would be the ideal situation. The number of characters you choose should at least be four, with exclusive side characters for each.

Then they could also have the character zapping impact from Resident Evil 2 or more recently, the butterfly effect from Until Dawn where one character’s choice would affect the other.

Also, it won’t harm to take a little inspiration from other games that have done well in areas RE needs to build now. Like Until dawn and its tale of horror, or the logical placing of weapons and the like in Dead Rising.

Talking off, giving us trained badass agents is not what we want. We want even the zombies to be a threat and for that maybe we need the common man to take up arms with limited combat prowess so that even Cerberus hounds or Crimson Heads become a major threat.

We have had a very recent rumor that Resident Evil 7 is going to return to its horror roots, that is the most important thing on our list (almost). What would do good to the game is a little rolling back mixed with new setting and new, improved technical elements. Although not everyone agrees.

Going back to the roots will also serve to simplify things that have become a little complicated and a lot messy in terms of the expanse of the world’s story. We have had manga, comics, spin-off games, even stage plays that have sort of bloated the whole timeline, so let’s just try and clear out a little of the mess, maybe with new characters and a new setting.

Maybe even something like Moira Burton in Resident Evil REvelations 2 because Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Barry Burton, Leon, Ada, Sherry Birkin and Rebecca Chambers all have had their share of the limelight in a rotating and returning fashion which is primarily why everything is so complicated in terms of the world’s premise.

Building on the idea of simplifying things, maybe even the villains and the enemies need to be toned down a little; a pure classic game with zombies being the problem (and some complicated stuff like Cerberus hounds or Crimson Heads) is going to help return to the basics.

When talking of combat, they could however bring back one thing from the Resident Evil remake: the one-time-use defensive items. That would help the player get out of situations they might have put themselves in due to a singular mistake, and since the game’s expanse of enemies is going to be larger, these items won’t make you overly powerful too.

Another feature that should not only be kept but brought to the limelight is co-op play. Let’s say the whole map is loaded with linear stories set around the sandbox. What if Resident Evil 7 could allow two players to experience their own stories but also join each others’ at the same time?

Co-op could allow you to team up and work keeping in mind each other’s mission and experience like a good guy – or not, in which case you could be the Brutus!

There is a lot more that could be said and done in Resident Evil 7, of course and you might not agree with me on some points, but do let us know what you think in the comments section below.