Overwatch Torbjorn Guide: Counters, Ability Tips, Strategy, Strengths and Weaknesses

By   /   May 25, 2016
Overwatch Torbjorn Guide

Torbjorn is an engineer who specializes in creating unique weapons and gadgets. Hailing from Switzerland, he is the smallest character in Overwatch. You can consider him the dwarf of Overwatch. One of his skills is to build and upgrade turrets.

Defense is his main focus and speciality in Overwatch. He is an expert of guarding choke points with his turrets. The most unique thing about this character is that he can collect parts from a fallen hero and use them to create armor packs for his allies. How cool is that?

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Overwatch Torbjorn Guide

Torbjorn’s Rivet Gun is very powerful weapons that can deal significant damage to enemies.  In certain situations, he is highly effective againts both short and long range characters.

His abilities and turrets allow him to target long range characters as well. So no matter which character you play as, Torbjorn is someone to look out for. The good news is that he can only use one turret at a time so if he places a different turret away from an enemy who is close to the old turret, that enemy is off the hook.

Turrets will take care of enemies at long range by spotting and attacking automatically. Meanwhile, Torbjorn himself will take care of nearby support characters with his Rivet Gun.

Torbjorn Strengths and Weaknesses

Although Torbjorn has a solution for long range enemies, he himself can’t do much about them. To characters with long range weapons and abilities that allow temporary aim bot like feature where every bullet will hit you, Torbjorn falls easily.

His biggest advantage is indeed his turret which protects him from the likes of Widowmaker and Soldier 76. He isn’t the quickest character so enemies with highly mobility pose a serious threat if the turret isn’t up.

Rivet Gun fires in an arc like manner and shot speed is good. It does decent damage at medium range, however, overall it is one of the more weaker weapons in the game. Its alternative fire seems to have more damage if all shots connect.

Another strength of Torbjorn is that it has a second weapon, not a luxury others have. It is a hammer that not only acts as a melee weapon but can upgrade turrets. It takes around 5 hammer hits to upgrade to level 2, and a Molten Core Ultimate for level 3.

At level 3, your turret will have 800 HP and a decent set of armor for protection.

Torbjorn Abilities and Ability Tips

This section of the guide provides an overview of all the abilities and ultimate ability at Torbjorn’s disposal and how to effectively use these abilities in order to have more successful games.

Rivet Gun
Torbjorn fires rivets at long range, or ejects molten metal from his gun in a short, close-range burst.

Forge Hammer
Torbjorn uses his multipurpose hammer to build, upgrade and repair turrets. In a pinch, it can also be swung as a weapon.

Build Turret
Torbjorn constructs an enemy-tracking autocannon. He can use the scrap he collects from dead enemies and allies to repair or upgrade it, increasing its health and adding a second cannon barrel and a rocket launcher.

Armor Pack
Torbjorn deploys an armor upgrade; either he or his allies can pick it up to absorb some damage.

Molten Core
After overheating his personal forge, Torbjorn gains a significant amount of armor and scrap. He also attacks (and builds and repairs turrets) far faster than normal.

Forge Hammer is best used for quick melee attacks and upgrading your turrets. Rivet Gun has 20 ammo so a quick switch to Forge Hammer comes in handy if the enemy got the drop on you while you’re reloading.

Turrets should be the main focus of Torbjorn. Create and upgrade turrets to help your team get the upper hand in battle. Turrets are not only useful for attacks but can guard objectives as well, so an upgraded turret can hold off enemies until your teammates rush back from the spawn point.

So use Motlon Core wisely to upgrade turrets to hold choke points and objectives. Lastly, pick up as much scrap as you can to forge armor packs for your friends.

Torbjorn Counters and Match-Ups

Torbjorn’s turrets can deal with Widowmaker’s Venom Mines, Junkrat’s Steel Trap, Concussive Mines and Rip-Tires. However, he is not a match for Widowmaker if he keeps his distance. Roadhog, MaCcree, Genji, Zenyatta, and Symmetra mostly fall victim to turrets.

Roadhog mobility is an issue for him that makes him vulnerable to turrets, so Torbjorn as an edge.

Reaper on the other hand can use his Wrath ability to get close to the turret and destroy it, making it much easier to kill Torbjorn as well. Reaper is very trained at killing defensive heroes.

Tracer is another strong opponent for Torbjorn. Her mobility even makes it hard for the turret to take her down. She can cover long distance in a flash, go through walls. Tracer’s Pulse Bombs do 400 damage, more than enough to take down a low level turret.

D.Va’s Defense Matrix can block all attacks, combing take with a booster and her ability of not having to reload easily takes down a turret.

How to Play Torbjorn: Tips and Strategies

You may already know how to play with this character. You need to keep a strong focus on upgrading your turrets, picking up scraps from your fallen allies and forging armor for yourself and allies.

Torbjorn is a defensive builder in Overwatch so keep that in mind. His lack of mobility makes him an easy pray for agile or long-range heroes. It is best to stay close to your teammates and not wander off on your own.

This is all we have on Overwatch Torbjorn character guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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