Gran Turismo Sport Cars and Attention to Detail Make it The Hottest Racing Title

By   /   May 25, 2016
GT Sport

Running at 1080p and 60FPS, Gran Turismo Sport is shaping up really well with those impressive cars and locations. However, it is more than just that, the Gran Turismo Sport cars make it all but the hottest Gran Turismo that we have seen so far.

After all, the developers had to goo over and beyond for the series first entry to PS4, and it looks like they have done just that.

Gran Turismo Sport Cars And It’s Attention to Detail is Mind Blowing!

If you had had the chance to take a closer look at the game’s graphics, most preferably through a video, you would see how amazingly they have pushed up the quality.

In the past, some cars were given the premium treatment, but this time all the cars have been treated as such; and there are 137 cars in the game ranging from concept cars to licensed cars.

From the inside and out, the Gran Turismo Sport cars have been modelled more intricately than ever before. Want to check out the steering wheel of your car? You’ll be able to clearly see the leather and even the stitching on it!

Want to check out the road? Stop and stare as cars rush by and the asphalt flecks from the road catches sunlight one by one. And when you are loving all the depth they have given you for the cars, you can also make custom images of realistically rendered digital cars using a new mode that Gran Turismo Sport is going to have.

We know that the game is going to be compatible with PlayStation VR, and with this level of realism and detail, it is going to be the sexist racing game we have ever come across!

Moving on, the sounds are just perfect with crisp and clear engine revs, the gravel being pushed by the types when you go off track and the gear being shifted.

The next thing on the list is the game’s handling, and since that is one thing Gran Turismo does marvelously at already, Gran Turismo Sport could only improve perfection. You can feel it is just enough responsive to be the closest to real which the tightness and the weight is also proportionate. Even the assist options are more sturdy.

All in all, with the Gran Turismo Sport cars being the sexist we have seen so far, and the gameplay being polished so much, it is surely going to be the best release we have seen in a long time!

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