The Division Update 1.2 Bug is Making Characters Go AWOL

We have talked a lot about The Division Update 1.2 aka Conflict Update, Massive has spent a good long time telling us everything we need to know, including the highlights like Clear Sky Incursion as well as the complete changelog. However, it also brought with it a notorious bug that no one expected.

The update finally went live on this Monday and in just one day after that, a large number of players have registered complaints about their character going missing.

Users have recorded their experiences on the game’s official forums as well as subreddits explaining how everything was working perfectly before The Division Update 1.2 was released but as soon as it got downloaded and applied, it took away the player characters.

For instance, one player says that all his characters in the game went missing. The poor guy had “two level 30+ [gear level 215 and 211] characters with numerous gear sets and spare pieces, and two low level characters used as storage for gear pieces.”

The good news, however, is that Ubisoft Massive is working on a fix. This was confirmed by Natchai Stappers, the community manager of the official forums of the game who has assured us that the fix will be out soon – we expect them to release a hotfix soon.

This was reiterated by Yannick B, Ubisoft’s community developer, on the game’s subreddit where the developers have also asked the affected users to send in their usernames for investigation purposes.

As far as the latest update is concerned, Yannick B had confirmed that the development team has “managed to identify the accounts impacted by this issue.”

Were you affected by the new The Division Update 1.2 bug? Let’s just hope people get their hard earned characters back.