Could Pokemon Sun and Moon Have Burst Evolutions? With Pokémon-Human Hybrids!

By   /   May 24, 2016
Pokemon Sun and Moon trial version

Well, not that we are running out of ideas, but if The Pokemon Company is not going to start talking real soon, speculation is going to run left. That being said, we a really interesting proposition for Pokemon Sun and Moon and it includes chances of super insane Burst Evolutions becoming a reality in the game.

Burst… what? No clue what we are talking about? Check out the Pokémon RéBurst manga from 2011 and you’ll know. This manga featured a special type of evolution that used a diamond prism like thing instead of the Pokeballs and allowed the trainer and the Pokemon to fuse together – for real!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Getting Burst Evolutions?

Don’t go crazy on me for even suggesting this (like poor old Popplio), because Game Freak itself has been wanting to add variety to the franchise, and they also have done that before. However, before we tell you when, let’s see what’s the connection between Pokemon Sun and Moon and the Burst Evolutions.

If you go and check (okay don’t go, just scroll down) and you will see that the Japanese version of the Pokémon Sun and Moon logos. Look at little closer and you will see these diamond prisms clearly included in the art work – don’t create a The Sims rumor now!

These look like the same prisms that Pokémon RéBurst introduced, or at least they could be. Anyhow, if we have identified them right, what other reason could there be to include such a thing in Pokemon Sun and Moon if they were not going to add something to how mega evolutions worked?

This also goes in line with The Pokemon Company’s attempts to add variety, just like Ash-Greninja from the Pokemon Anime. If you don’t know what that is, check out the image below and it will explain pretty well.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Burst Evolutions

Now that you are seeing how the IP owners might actually be inclined towards Pokemon-human fusing, how absurd does the idea sound for Pokemon Sun and Moon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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