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Pokemon Sun and Moon Map Could Include Eight Islands!

It is a day for speculations, we first shared with you a very unexpected feature that Pokemon Sun and Moon might have in the form of Burst Evolutions that allow trainers to fuse with their Pokemon, and now we have another thing that might go down in terms of Pokemon Sun and Moon map and locations.

We know from what has been discussed so far that the game’s map is based on Hawaii. While for some, the Alola island the ideal place to go exploring and finding new Pokemon, we think it might do more than that for the game – we’ll get to this in a moment.

So we know that Alola is based on Hawaii, but do you know that the complete map of Hawaii includes not one but eight islands? Indeed we have only been shown one in the trailer, but have we really seen enough of the twin games?

Of course we haven’t.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Map Has Eight Islands?

If Game Freak really is following the islands, it would also explain why it is being said that a large chunk of the map will be water: Hawaii being an archipelago has some water between the islands that are otherwise closely packed together. The entire region could be used as part of the map!

This also brings in speculations about getting to travel from one island to another through ships, and may be even battles in the water. Wondering why would that last one happen? Well, the series has had air based battles, then why not water based ones?

Need more reason to believe this? Just check out the map of Alola we have been shown and compare it with the map of Hawaii’s main island. You will see that they are not similar at all! Instead, the map of alola we have been shown resembles Oahu much more, which is the second largest island on the Hawaiian archipelago.

Moving on, have you seen the size and density of the island we have been shown in the trailer? Compare it with the sizes and density of previous maps and you will immediately realize that it is much smaller, suggesting that there are going to be other regions i.e. other Hawaiian islands from the real world!

The map only shows two Pokemon Centers and lesser towns, which again suggests that the map we have seen is not Alola region as a whole, it is just a part of it! Just like it is hinted at the Amazon listing of the game.

The developers are yet to reveal details on Pokemon Sun and Moon map as well as other aspects, but we have been speculating a lot about a number of things. So let’s add traveling by ships to that list as well, alongside water battles.