Overwatch Lucio Guide: Counters, Ability Tips, Strategy, Strengths and Weaknesses

By   /   May 24, 2016
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Lucio is an incredibly effective Support/healing character. He is a DJ from Brazil, who specializes in sonic technology. He uses his expertise in this field to help his teammates succeed in the battlefield.

His primary weapon is a very unique looking Sonic Amplifier, which fires projectiles at enemies by using the power of sound. It also knocks enemies back which gives your allies a chance to have the upper hand.

His main weapon plays a couple of different songs which helps buff teammates. For more help on Overwatch, read our Hero Counters and Matchups, Widowmaker Guide and Level Up Fast Guide.

Overwatch Lucio Guide

Lucio is quick and has a healing aura which makes him an enticing support character. He is the most simple character across all categories so you won’t be confused about his skills and abilities.

He can prove to be a very valuable character in Overwatch due to his speed and the ability to keep his allies alive and well during the battle. His passive is “Wall Ride,” which allows him to jump onto a wall to ride along it. Perhaps the most useful ability for Lucio, in my experience, is the “Sound Barrier.”

Protective waves radiate out from his Sonic Amplifier, providing him and nearby allies with personal shields for a short period of time. This means that you can protect your allies from other enemy ultimates or any other dangerous scenario.

His total HP Pool is 200 with a cooldown/reload period of 1.25s. Lucio has high mobility which you can use to your advantage.

Lucio Strengths and Weaknesses

Needless to say, his major strength is the Aura he creates to heal allies, however, there is a speed boost as well that offers your teammates quick access to battlefield from spawn points.

As I mentioned above, he can use his Sonic Amplifier to knock his enemies back. This comes in very handy to disrupt the enemy team and even knock some of them off the map for instant kills.

If you combine his Wall Ride and Speed boost ability, this not only gives him exceptional mobility but also makes it next to impossible to target Lucio. Great way retreat from a dangerous situation.

When it comes to his weaknesses, he has rather poor survival abilities. Also, the speed boost ability is tied with healing boost. His healing boost don’t provide healing to individual targets.

Lastly, Lucio’s sound barrier ability require precise timing and team positioning, playing with random players will make it tough to nail Sound Barrier.

Lucio Abilities and Ability Tips

This section of the guide provides an overview of all the abilities and ultimate ability at Lucio’s disposal and how to effectively use these abilities in order to have more successful games.

Sonic Amplifier
Lucio can hit his enemies with sonic projectiles and knock them back with a blast of Sonic Waves

Amp It Up
Lucio can increase the volume on his speakers, allowing him to boost the effects of his songs

Sound Barrier
Protective waves radiate his Sonic Amplifier providing him and nearby allies with personal shields for a short period of time.

Lucio constantly buffs himself and nearby teammates with his songs. He can switch between two: one provides movement speed, while the other replenishes health.

Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier is a great ability to have for spamming choke points. Sonic Amplifier fires 4 sonic projectiles that are good for all ranges – close, medium and long. The projectiles themselves travel at medium speed.

Like I said, spam this ability at your enemies as much as possible. Meanwhile, his Crossfade ability not only allows him to escape dangerous situations but makes it possible to get back ASAP to battle from respawn points.

One effective use to this ability is to make sure you wait for other players to respawn after you before using Crossfade, this will allow Luccio to take them along. Combine Amp It Up with Crossfade to further boost your speed.

Amp it up can also be mixed with his healing powers while standing next to your teammates.Sound Barrier is Lucio’s Ultimate Ability and creates a protective shield for your teammates. However, Sound Barrier is a strength and weakness at the same time.

As I mentioned above, Lucio’s sound barrier ability require precise timing and team positioning, playing with random players will make it tough to nail Sound Barrier.

Lucio Counters and Match-Ups

Lucio is a strong character but Overwatch is well a balanced game that doesn’t give an upper hand to any one of its 21 characters. Same is the case with Lucio, there are characters he can tackle easily while others have no problem taking it out on Lucio.

Lucio is strong against Reaper who has no answer for Lucio’s Ultimate ability. Sound Barrier not only protects Lucio against Reaper’s close range attacks but his surrounding teammates as well who’ll have no trouble killing Reaper.

Bastion is another example; Bastion is strong as long as enemies aren’t able to get close to it. But Lucio’s wall-running and speed boost abilities allow him to do just that. Similar is the case with Mei, who uses a freeze attack which Lucio can counter not only for himself but his teammates as well, allowing them to stay protected and kill Mei.

Meanwhile, players using Lucio should keep a distance from the likes of Pharah, Tracer and McCree. Pharah’s aerial attacks and splash damage doesn’t bode well for Lucio. Tracer on the other hand is too quick and zappy for Lucio to handle.

Her Pulse Bomb is effective against Lucio especially if his Sound Barrier is on cooldown.

How to Play Lucio: Tips and Strategy

As you already know by now, Lucio’s healing abilities are his biggest strengh in Overwatch. Apart from Soldier 76, he is the only one able to heal multiple allies at the same time. You can use this to great effect and keep your allies from dying during crucial encounters.

Do note that his healing ability will not have any effect on targets out of his line of sight and outside of a 30-meter radius. Mix his healing ability with spamming of Sonic Amplifier and you’ll have yourself multiple kills.

Keep an eye out for the boundaries of the map as you can potentially knock back enemies using your Soundwave. As Lucio you will be spending most of your time in the middle of the battle protecting your teammates and mixing your different abilities to great effect.

Study his abilities carefully, during intense battles where your teammates are pinned down, it is recommended to hit your ultimate ability and mix it with Amp it Up speed boost to escape or reach a cover point.

This is all we have on Overwatch Lucio character guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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