Overwatch Custom Settings are Unique for Every Character

By   /   May 24, 2016
new Overwatch map

Blizzard’s newly-released team-based shooter Overwatch has 21 different heroes to choose from, all with different playstyles and abilities.

And for these different playstyles and abilities, Blizzard has chosen to bury Overwatch custom settings into the game’s menu so that you can play your chosen characters to their fullest extent.

For instance, the different crosshair options. In the Overwatch custom settings, you have five different kinds of options for crosshairs for your weapons. Ranging from a simple dot to two different kinds of crosshairs, a circle, or a hero-specific default. This way, if you want, you can test each of the crosshairs to see which one fits your character best.

Blizzard has also added a kill-feed display that you can activate in the game’s gameplay menu. It doesn’t even take up much space on the screen, since it’s in the top-right corner.

It could be a vital tool in seeing if the rest of your team was able to take down whatever killed you, be it a Bastion in turret mode, a Tracer that decided to zip in, blast you, then zip out, or a Widowmaker that sniped you from some high spot.

Another thing in the Overwatch custom settings is that you can adjust the zoom sensitivity on Widowmaker’s sniper rifle. As the only character with an actual scope her being able to zoom is a vital part of playing her, so if you want some fine control over your weapons you can try the zoom sensitivity out.

Other things you can do on the Overwatch custom settings is that you can put on auto-climb for Hanzo, Genji, and Junkrat’s ultimate Rip-Tire. You can also turn on the ability to see your teammates’ health bars, which can be really helpful when you’re playing as healer or support characters like Mercy or Zarya and are looking out to see if anyone needs your help.

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