Overwatch Competitive Mode Possibly Coming in End of June, No Plans For Singleplayer

By   /   May 24, 2016
new Overwatch map

In a recent Q&A video on Facebook, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan answered a number of questions for the game. In the video he also explained the reason why Overwatch competitive mode is not available at launch.

Competitive mode was also not available in the open beta for the game and earlier this month Blizzard Entertainment announced that competitive mode for the Overwatch will not be available at launch.

However, in the video Kaplan explained that Overwatch competitive mode is the focus of the studio and they are working to polish it using the feedback from closed beta. According to Kaplan:

Competitive mode is the current focus of the Overwatch team. It’s the most important for us to add to the game. Players saw that we tried to get it in for closed beta, and we had a version in and working. The feedback that we were seeing was a little bit critical of some of the decisions we made, and we took that to heart.

The first major update for Overwatch will be the competitive mode, however, Kaplan did not provide any specific release date for the update, but said he is hopeful that it will be out in late June.

Kaplan explained why the one month long seasons for the Overwatch competitive mode were increased to three month long seasons. According to Kaplan the studio has the playable build of the competitive mode and they plan to play it this weekend internally.

The one thing they want to change is the length of seasons. Since the studio got a lot of complaints that one month long seasons were too short, the studio decided to go with three month long seasons. To be specific the duration of each season is two and a half month with couple of weeks off in between.

Jeff Kaplan also said that the studio has no plans for the single-player mode for the game, but they will keep this in mind. He also said that Blizzard is releasing animated shorts for the Overwatch, so the story is continuing in that sense.

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