Nintendo MH is A Handheld Console Other Than Nintendo NX [RUMOR]

By   /   May 24, 2016
Nintendo NX reports

Oh well, it could be that we have all been shooting in the dark and to the wrong sides, we knew that there was going to be some handheld component from Nintendo, but that was the extent of our knowledge. Now, it seems Nintendo NX and another handheld console tentatively named Nintendo MH might be coming our way!

According to some newly discovered rumors, the MH is basically a console that is separate from the Nintendo NX and is purely a handheld version.

For those who have not been in touch with the news, everything that was shared about Nintendo’s future plans mentioned Nintendo NX and a handheld component alongside it, not as a separate platform.

This rumor stems from Japanese financial website Traders Japan where they recently published a report on Nintendo and their future plans.

Within this report, the analysts have mentioned Nintendo NX and Nintendo MH separately, referring to them as “next-generation game machine “NX” and next-generation portable game machine “MH” (tentative name).”

If this turns out to be true, it will mean that Nintendo NX is not actually the hybrid console that we have all been thinking it is, instead, it will just be the typical home console – although I had my second thoughts while using the word typical for something Nintendo is doing, they are known to do their own thing all the time, after all.

We do know that Nintendo is going to do something different, they have teased us with that enough already. Could the Nintendo MH be some new kind of a handheld that we have not seen or heard of before? Or will the two just be something on the lines of the Wii U? Let us know what you think!

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