Is League of Legends Pro Faker’ Really Comparable to Lionel Messi and Lebron James? World Reacts to ESPN Comparison

By   /   May 24, 2016

We have seen a number of comparisons between conventional sports and esports by people who have been trying to figure out if both can be regarded as sports or not. However, ever since groups like ESPN and Activision are pushing it to the mainstream greater comparisons like this one between a League of Legends Pro, Faker, and the biggest names like Messi and LeBron James being spotted.

You will be surprised to see that it was actually ESPN itself that was comparing the 20 year old professional LoL player with the biggest name we have in current football world as well as one of the greatest ever basketball players this world has seen to date.

ESPN actually did a story titled “Junior year: Faker’s achievements vs. LeBron, Messi and more” where some direct comparisons were made resulting in a Twitter squabble between pro-sports and pro-esports fans.

Especially since ESPN voted that Faker compared to LeBron and Messi “favorably,” and let’s just say some people have been feeling salty.

ESPN goes on to say that LeBron James is the player from traditional sports who is the “closest parallel” to Faker:

The player from traditional sports who might be the closest parallel to Faker is King James himself. Like Faker, LeBron was a star in his profession long before he turned pro. His high school basketball games were prime-time television in America, and the general public was sold a narrative: one of basketball’s greatest was about to enter the NBA, straight from high school.

And even points out to an area where Faker takes the lead saying “LeBron didn’t win a title in his first three seasons.”

They have also compared the greatness of Lionel Messi and his statistics to one of the greatest League of Legends players we know, alongside other superstars like Tiger Woods, Sidney Crosby, Mike Trout, Aaron Rodgers and Sebastian Vettel.

While I am not saying that eSports requires a lesser level of hard work, or is casual etc, I do think that the dynamics of traditional sports and eSports are very different which makes such a direct comparison, in this way, out of place at this point.

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