Dota 2 Update Adds Vulkan API Support, Notes, Requirements Inside

By   /   May 24, 2016
Dota 2 update Vulkan Support

Good news for you folks if you are playing Dota 2 and were wondering what was Valve Corporation doing to up the performance in terms of technology. A new Dota 2 update has been released that has added support for the new Vulkan API.

The developers took to the official Steam page of the game with the announcement and details on the patch which has brought you the high-efficiency cross-platform graphics API.

However, the API support is still in the beta phase which means Valve will still be working to crease out any issues that it might have. The beta support is available via DLC now, and here are the patch instructions and technical notes that have been shared alongside the Dota 2 update:

Technical Notes:

  • Please make sure to opt-in to the Steam Client Beta for the latest Steam Vulkan Overlay (fixes performance issue with Steam Overlay).
  • Enable with the -vulkan launch option after downloading the Vulkan Beta DLC. Remove -dx9/-dx11/-gl (if present) from any previous launch options.
  • The first time you run with Vulkan you may experience short stutters while the engine caches shaders on disk.
  • After playing through or watching a match, these stutters should go away.
  • There is a known issue on Linux with NVIDIA GPUs where tearing can be observed even when vertical sync is enabled. NVIDIA is aware of the issue and it will be fixed in the future through a driver update.

Moving on, Valve Corporation has also shared the minimum system requirements that your rig should meet if you wish to take advantage of Vulkan API support that the said Dota 2 update has added.

We are sharing the details below so that you can refer to them when checking up:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit: NVIDIA 600-series+ (365.19+ driver), AMD 7700+ (Crimson driver)
  • Linux 64-bit: NVIDIA 600-series+ (364.16+ driver), AMD GCN 1.2 (16.20.3 driver)
  • 2GB of GPU memory required – may experience crashes with < 2GB of GPU memory.

Have you gotten the new Dota 2 update?

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