Dishonored 2 Setting in Carnaca is a Dramatic Jump Forward: Arkane Studios

The Dishonored 2 setting is not only different from that of the first game it is also much more rich as we saw in the recently released screenshots. When the game releases on November 11, it is going to take us to Carnaca, the southern tip of the Empire.

While we know all about the industrial city of Dunwall and its plague-ridden streets, there is a lot more about the world of the Empire of the Isles that is yet to be told. Arkane Studios actually consider that as one of the driving forces behind the game’s development.

The co-creative director at Arkane Studios, Harvey Smith was recently discussing that very topic when he touched on some of the highlights of the game being set in the new region.

Dishonored 2 Setting is a Dramatic Jump Forward, Says Arkane Studios

Smith explained the four nation Isle chain of the world of Dishonored and how the Dishonored 2 setting reveals a much different aspect of it instead of bringing us more of the same.

[Dishonored 2] is roughly set in 1851. We go down to the South, the Southern tip of the world, the edge of the world to Carnaca, the city they call the jewel of the South.

It’s the capital of Serkonos and we give you a completely different culture, whereas Dunwall is very influenced by UK architecture, foods [and] culture. Carnaca is more like Spain, Italy Southern Greece…The music we play bouzouki instruments this time. It’s heavily influenced by both places…It’s a dramatic jump forward.

In the past, the developers have talked less about the game’s setting and the type of culture and design we are going to see prevalent in the region. Instead, they have been discussing how abilities of the two protagonists have evolved, and despite that, why there is no co-op play planned for the game.

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