Best Overwatch Heroes For New Players: Offense, Defense, Tank, Support

There are 21 different characters to choose from which makes it hard to decide which one can help you do well in the beginning. Our picks of Best Overwatch Heroes for new players in every role however will get you started!

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Best Overwatch Heroes For New Players

Here are our suggestions for Best Overwatch Heroes for Beginners!

Soldier 76
If you are new to Overwatch then some of the other characters and their abilities may confuse you. However, that won’t be the case if you go with Soldier 76. He’ll suit perfectly to players of Call of Duty and Battlefield as he is the closest thing to the usual FPS character.

He uses a Pulse Rifle to deal significant damage and can provide support to your team with Biotic Field and Helix Rockets. His sprint ability can be used to flank enemies but it is not as affected as Tracer or Genji.

This hero shines at most ranges, but begins to fall behind at extremely longer ones. He has a healing ability which provides sustain to both him and nearby allies.

His sprint ability allows him to get into different positions quickly and even avoid fights if need be. And his ultimate ability can insta-kill enemies. As for weaknesses, Tactical Visor has a distinct audio clue which makes it relatively easier to avoid.

Reinhardt comes with plenty of HP and a devastating melee blow with a hammer, perfect if you prefer playing the tank. He wields a massive shield and makes it very difficult to get up close, especially when other players are using his shield for protection and attacking you at the same time.

He is a very strategic character and although he moves slow, his effectiveness it the battlefield is far superior to any other tank in Overwatch. New players will most definitely be playing with random players most of the time, and doing good with Reinhardt will surely make you a popular team member in Overwatch.

He uses an ability called Charge which makes him dash in a straight line and keep moving at a rapid pace while grabbing enemies along the way. While using Charge, if he collides with a wall, enemies he is carrying will suffer significant damage.

Lucio is quick and has a healing aura which makes him an enticing support character. He is the most simple character across all categories so you won’t be confused about his skills and abilities. He can prove to be a very valuable character in Overwatch due to his speed and the ability to keep his allies alive and well during the battle.

His passive is “Wall Ride,” which allows him to jump onto a wall to ride along it. Perhaps the most useful ability for Lucio, in my experience, is the “Sound Barrier.” Protective waves radiate out from his Sonic Amplifier, providing him and nearby allies with personal shields for a short period of time.

Beginners who don’t have the best of aims should definitely choose to go with Reaper. His mini shotguns have a decent damage spread, so as long as you are close enough to en enemy and keep firing, you will deal damage and should get a kill.

He has decent mobility that’ll appeal to players who prefer quick gameplay and close range combat. Study the maps of Overwatch before you go with Reaper, use him to attack on smaller maps, he will suffer at long range.

If you happen to find yourself in a pickle, use “Wraith Form” to become invulnerable to damage for a short period of time.

If there is one character who can land you a hefty amount of kills and damage in Overwatch, it is Pharah. She uses rocket launcher that is capable dealing significant damage.

Keep in mind that it may take a little time for you to get used to her weapon but once you do, it would rain kills. What makes her dangerous is her ability to take flight for a short preiod of time, giving her a nice view of the area to spot and kill enemies.

They won’t even know what happened.

Here’s a tip, use splash damage to cripple your enemies and multi-kills, rather than direct attacks.

Bastion is a mechanical character that has a turret mode that allows him to grab plenty of kills on unsuspecting enemies. While playing Overwatch, I was killed on a number of occasions by Bation’s Turret mode.

Position him well and he can do some serious damage to the opposing team. So if you are someone who likes to study the finer details of a map and focus on strategic gameplay rather than running around untamed, Bastion is the way to go.

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