Battlefield 1 Modes Will Not Be Out Of Place For Its WWI Setting, Says DICE

By   /   May 24, 2016
Battlefield 1 Setting Concerned EA

Indeed, the WWI setting of Battlefield 1 changes a lot about the dynamics of the game. So what about the Battlefield 1 modes? Surely there is going to be a lot of stuff they’d want to do, but we wouldn’t want them to appear out of place for an early 20th century setting right?

Well, at least the lead world designer Daniel Berlin wants to assure you that the game modes are not going to be out of place.

he was recently interviewed where he talked about how they are picking up different modes and using them in the game.

Battlefield 1 Modes Discussed Among Other Things

Berlin says that they are building special modes keeping in mind that they should be tailored to fit the era. This way, we are hoping they will be able to bring us some Battlefield 1 modes with familiar features like some we get in modern day shooters, while retaining the realism of WWI.

We’re crafting some modes that look at the era, and we make the mode fit that era. So that’s something we’re also doing.

We know that the setting of Battlefield 1 was not readily accepted by DICE due to the impression that it was primarily an inhumane era of trench warfare, and in this new interview, Berlin also agreed that it is “a bold step” for them:

It is a passion project for DICE, we wanted to make this era, this is our idea, we are pushing this and like I said, it’s a passion product. But, at the end of the day it’s [also] an entertainment product. Just like you would come home from work and watch, say, a murder-mystery and that murder-mystery is about some gruesome murder, it’s still entertainment, and you buy it because it’s entertainment.

Looks like he was trying to make a point with the people who are not content with a game set so far back in history, probably due to technological aids that weren’t there at that time, and which we are used to seeing in shooters now.

Let’s just hope they are as accurate with churning out Battlefield 1 modes that are equally worthy in terms of entertainment value.

Thanks, AusGamers.

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