Team YP Got Banned Again, This Time From Capcom Pro Tour

By   /   May 23, 2016
Team YP Got Banned

Things are not looking bright for Team Yp, as Team YP got banned from taking part in Capcom Pro Tour, but not its players. The ban was imposed due the sponsor being an adult website.

Recently Capcom released its new set of rules for its 2016 Capcom Pro Tour, which caused quite a stir. The new rule that caused the stir was among the tour’s code of  conduct. The rule prohibits teams from participating the Pro Tour event “if sponsored by a adult content sponsor such as sponsors of pornographic website, or any other sponsor that Capcom thinks  inappropriate”.

Team YP was not specifically mentioned  by name, but it seems that it is the only major team to be impacted by these new rules. A strict reading of the rules appears to ban players, sponsored by adult content companies, from participating in the event regardless player wears the team’s apparel or sponsor tag or not.

According to Capcom, the players of Team YP can participate in the tour:

We understand everyone’s concern around the sponsorship rule in the [Capcom Pro Tour] ruleset. We will review and have an update soon. In the meantime, we won’t promote sponsors we deem inappropriate but all players are allowed to compete.

These new rules were introduced just hours before the Team YP players were to compete in a premier event of Pro Tour, But the players were allowed to compete without Team YP sponsor tag or apparel.

This in not the first time Team YP got banned from an event, recently ESL issued a  ban on the team despite the team’s offer to change its name and drop all references to its sponsors.

The group already avoids using the full name and they also make sure their blogs and social media from their sponsor.

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