Syberia 3 Coming on December 1 to PC and Consoles

By   /   May 23, 2016
Syberia 3

The cult adventure game saga from Benoit Sokal, Syberia 3, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this December. Talks of its release were around since 2009 and looking at the new footage, it is safe to say that the wait was worth it.

Cinematic scope, unforgettable characters, and sweeping story are the most touted features of the latest installment. Thanks to the added capabilities of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Syberia 3 is going to be the most technically advanced game of the series.

For those who don’t know, Syberia is a multi-million selling series with a Metacritic rating of 80+. For the third installment, author and artistic director Benoit Sokal has created an exciting new adventure for Syberia lead Kate Walker and her companions.

Syberia 3 begins with Kate Walker adrift on a makeshift craft. Fortunately, a caravan of the Youkol people, whom she encountered in Syberia 2, finds her before her life slips away.

Determined to evade their common enemies, Kate decides to help the nomads fulfill the oddest of their ancestral traditions: accompanying the transhumance of the snow ostriches to the holy steppes where they can reproduce. The journey unfolds through scenery that is by turn enchanting and laid to waste, where the young woman will experience her most dangerous and wonderful adventures, with her pursuers always right behind her

We are really looking forward to Kate’s next epic adventure and if you are yet to play its previous installments, we definitely recommend giving the series a try.

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