Nvidia Involved With Nintendo For NX? Yet Another Rumor

A new report has surfaced on the internet which suggests that Nvidia is involved with Nintendo NX in some way.

The report comes from a Neogaf user Natedrake who claims that he talked to Nintendo insider Emily Rogers, and Rogers told him that Nvidia is involved in the future of Nintendo NX. No specifics were given about the involvement, and it is hard to extract any more information from this statement.

Given that is Nvidia is a graphics card manufacturer, it is quite clear that “Nvidia involved with Nintendo” means that the company might be making a deal to supply the GPU for Nintendo NX. However, given that AMD is dominating the console market and also the provider of GPU for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U, it is unlikely that Nintendo would turn to Nvidia.

Nvidia has a bad history in console market, as the original Xbox was based on Nvidia chip, but things between Microsoft and Nvidia got ugly and Microsoft rushed to release its Xbox 360 ahead of schedule, which in turn caused the Red Ring Of Death problem.

Not only Xbox, Nvidia was involves with Sony in PlayStation 3, which is considered one of the most difficult consoles to work with. Nvidia was previously involved with Nintendo in the early stages of 3DS, but the deal never happened and Nintendo used its own custom design.

Long story short, Nvidia has never done great with console, but it seems that Nintendo is inclined to give Nvidia another shot and taking a break from AMD. It would be interesting to see that in what capacity Nvidia will be involved with Nintendo NX if the report is true, but it will be most likely that Nvidia will provide GPU for the console.

Emily Rogers previously revealed that NX will have more games at launch than Wii U had in its entire lifespan and Nintendo might see the biggest first party developed games output in the history of company.

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