New Tomb Raider 2 Unreal Engine 4 Remake Video Shows Promising Results

By   /   May 23, 2016
Tomb Raider 2 Unreal Engine 4 remake

It’s been common knowledge for a while now that someone (in this case a person named “Nicobass”) is using Unreal Engine 4 in order to make a Tomb Raider 2 Unreal Engine 4 remake. Titled as “The Dagger of Xian”, the remake is going to use the graphical power of the latest version of the Unreal Engine to remake one of the first Tomb Raider games.

The Tomb Raider remake isn’t the only thing being remade in Unreal 4 either. Various other games and locations like Final Fantasy 7, Sonic the Hedgehog, Half-Life 2’s City 17 apartments, and Monica’s apartment from Friends, have also been remade.

A few days ago, Nicobass actually released a video that people could watch in order to see the progress that he has made in remaking the game.

In it, we get to see amazing water physics and well-done sounds, as well as detailed textures (not to mention Lara Croft herself, who is no longer the pyramid-breasted shape that we grew up with).

In the video Lara spends a brief bit of time clambering around the inside of a cave in what appears to be the shadow of the Great Wall of China, climbing around the cave walls before Nicobass makes her jump off and splat on the ground.

The Tomb Raider 2 Unreal Engine 4 remake doesn’t really have a release date yet, but according to Nicobass it’s been a great deal of work. The past year and a half that the remake has been in production has been dedicated to implementing the next-gen graphics of Unreal Engine 4, not to mention putting in the gameplay that was in Tomb Raider Anniversary and Tomb Raider Legend.

Mechanics and controls from both of the games also had to be put in.

Various other segments of gameplay are available to watch on Nicobass’s YouTube channel, including Lara doing some pole-climbing, testing traps, an underwater segment, and more.

Unfortunately the Tomb Raider 2 Unreal Engine 4 remake most likely won’t be out anytime soon, but all that we can do is wait until Nicobass thinks that the game is ready.

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