New League of Legends Gamemode “Siege” Mentioned in Packets

By   /   May 23, 2016
League of Legends

A couple of days ago, League of Legends Patch 6.10 was released with changes to champions, skins, and a new champion named Taliyah. However, it looks like a new League of Legends gamemode is also coming our way, and it might be called Siege.

The game mode was not officially confirmed by developer Riot Games but was spotted by Redditors with in the packets.

A screenshot of the page has also been shared with the alleged new League of Legends gamemode is mentioned alongside others. We have added the image below, check it out yourself.

Of course no official details are known about this one, but from what the community knows about this and MOBAs it could be a much longer time taking mode that would put you in an attack and defend situation at the ends just as the name suggests.

We are not sure if this will become a reality or not, since it is not a part of Live and Riot Games is also probably going to take some time before taking PBE details to the public.

Anyhow, what would you say about a new League of Legends gamemode like Siege?

New League of Legends Gamemode Siege

However until that time, tell us if you are still experiencing the RADS error which recently popped back in the game? if you are, here’s the fix you can use to get rid of it from your game.

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