Here’s Steam on PS4 Being Run Using Linux and Homebrew Code

A number of attempts are being made by people who want to blur the lines between different gaming platforms in the name of homebrewing. This time around we got our hands on a guy has managed to bring Steam on PS4!

Although the results are not top notch, it still is a start.

The guy in question is using Linux on his gaming console and starts up Steam on PS4 through it. We have added a video demonstration of the whole processes which was uploaded to YouTube by user OsirisX.

OsirisX is the same guy who has cracked open a way to bring the PC gaming exclusive digital distribution platform to Sony’s console. He can also be seen playing Bastion, an action role playing title which is strictly PC, on his PlayStation 4.

As far as the specific versions of the Linux as well as the rest are concerned, OsirisX says he is using “ARCH Linux on PS4 running 1.76 fw” and also mentions that in case you wish to try it out yourself, you will need to “compile and install BOTH 64bit and 32bit patched Radeon libs from fail0verflow.”

In case you don’t know where to get them from, GitHub has got you covered, head over to this link.

That being said, it is true that the quality of the game play is not as amazing as you would want it, there are extremely low frame rates in the video above, but those are also being attributed to the video itself being run at low frame rates as well, and not just the game.

This will also get better when GPU acceleration is exploited properly.

Would you like Steam on PS4? If yes, this is probably a start you were looking for.