The Division 1.2 Conflict Update Will Go Live After 3 Hours of Server Maintenance

By   /   May 23, 2016
The Division Underground DLC

The Division 1.2 Conflict update has been all Ubisoft has talked about for most of last week, as they gave us a trailer and a stream that both talked about everything that would be coming in the massive-multiplayer online shooter in its latest update.

The update will have a variety of new mechanics and missions in it. In addition to a new Incursion called “Clear Sky,” players will also have better access to loot while playing Player-vs-Environment gameplay, and will no longer need to rely exclusively on crafting in order to get high-end gear.

Players will also be given “Search and Destroy” and High Value Target missions, which will provide players with more XP and loot and will keep players that prefer to be solo from having to go into the Dark Zone to get challenging play.

Speaking of the Dark Zone, the Division 1.2 Conflict update will also have a new threat in the Dark Zone, as players will now be able to cut the extraction rope in order to loot all of the gear that you’ve collected. While they’ll immediately be declared a Rogue Agent if they try to do it and can then be killed by other agents, you’d best watch your stuff.

The Dark Zone will also be divided into three brackets for players. This includes a bracket for people under 180 Gear Score, 180-210 Gear Score, and 210 and Up Gear Score. So now you can play with people your own level without having to worry about some sort of superman coming around the corner and wrecking your shit.

The Division 1.2 Conflict update will be coming out tomorrow after three hours (depending on your region, it can vary) of downtime for server maintenance before the update comes out. Servers will go offline at 9 AM Central Standard Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, and 12 PM Pacific Time. Until then, you guys will have plenty of time to get ready for the new update to come out.

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