DirectX 12 For Battalion 1944 On Xbox One Is a Possibility, PS4 Version Will Be Great

By   /   May 23, 2016
Battalion 1944

Bulkhead Interactive’s communication manager, Alex Preece, has said that directx 12 for Battalion 1944 on Xbox one is a possibility.

It almost feels like yesterday when directx 11 was introduced to the world of gaming and Microsoft have already developed its successor “Directx 12”. Directx 12 brings significant improvements over its predecessor including performance improvements, as games running on directx 12 show better results compared to their directx 11 counterpart.

Alex Preece, announced this in an interview.

We’re totally looking into these features and seeing how we can utilize them in our development pipeline or not. We have a great relationship with Microsoft devs so we’ll see what we can do!

It will be definitely interesting to see Battalion 1944 to make use of directx 12 on Xbox One as it should boost the game’s performance.

When Preece was asked about the possibility of PlayStation 4K NEO, he said that he can’t comment on a mere rumor but Battalion 1944 will be great on PlayStation 4.

According to Preece:

Battalion will be a great experience for PlayStation users and we are actively working with Sony to make that experience as exceptional as possible.

It is rumored that NEO will offer better clock speed than the original PS4, an improved GPU and a higher bandwidth for the memory. Every PS4 game will ship on both Base mode which is for PS4 and NEO mode which is for new console.

Battalion 1944 is a multiplayer first person shooter for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game was announced through kick-starter. The game will be set in world war 2 and will be developed using Unreal Engine 4.

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