Batman: Return to Arkham Graphics Comparison: More Color, Little to No Graphical Upgrades

Batman Arkham Knight was a game that will go down is history as the biggest screwup due to its PC version. And now, we have yet another masterpiece, a remaster of previous games that for some reason manages to looks worse than the original in many of its aspects.

Admittedly, there is more color and vibrancy to the overall quality of graphics. But you have to ask devs what were they smoking while remastering the character models?

Hair and eyelashes are appalling and look worse than the original models. Reflections are missing, Joker suddenly has some of his teeth back, the level of details somehow went downhill from the original games.

Batman’s suit is among a tiny list of improvements as it has more detailed to make it look much more realistic.

Check out Batman: Return to Arkham Graphics Comparison in the video above and share what you think is the point of this remaster in the comments below.