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Xbox 360 Gamerpics Will Be Upscaled On Xbox One

Considering that the Xbox One has higher resolution and better graphics than the Xbox 360, it has to be galling to a lot of people that see their old 360-era achievements and gamerpics from the last generation of video games and look at how much the resolution on them has gone down since those days. However, according to Microsoft, now Xbox 360 gamerpics will be upscaled in resolution on the Xbox One so that they can graphically match the other achievement lists on the console.

The same idea has actually been on many people’s minds for a long time, and so many people talked about it on the Xbox Feedback boards that Xbox eventually merged all of the threads together. Before this happened, when you attempted to put Xbox 360 gamerpics on an Xbox One the resulting avatar picture would be tiny, with bad resolution.

Most Xbox 360 gamerpics on an Xbox One came when someone migrated an Xbox Live account on an Xbox 360 over to the Xbox One when the console first came out. 300 other gamerpics were available when the Xbox One initially launched.

The Xbox One actually uses gamerpics more than the Xbox 360 did. Rather than the simple pop-up username that the 360 did, the Xbox One actually shows off the avatar of the person on your friends list that logged on to help with identification, so being able to tell who it is at a glance is much more important.

One way that Microsoft could make this an even more welcome change would be to bring back gamerpic packs, where you could get various themes and gamerpics for free by downloading them off of the Xbox Live Marketplace.

While some of these have been released during the Xbox One’s run, the vast majority of them came during the era of the 360. The Playstation 4 has already allowing purchasable avatars.

However Microsoft chooses to go about the situation, hopefully they’ll make the changes quickly to up the resolution of the gamer pictures in question.