Post Game Celebrations For Rocket League Coming In June

By   /   May 20, 2016
Post Game Celebrations For Rocket League

Developer Psyonix has announced a cool new feature, which will arrive with June update for Rocket League. According to the developer Players will now be able to Jump and boost their battle cars to express themselves on the post game spotlight screen, in short these are the post game celebrations for Rocket League.

Psyonix announced on their official website:

Rocket League matches often go down to the wire and whether your team pulls off a stunning upset or stomps the competition, you deserve all the post-match excitement you can get — which is why we plan on providing even more opportunities for players to express themselves.

Starting with the June update, you’ll be able to jump, boost, and spin your Battle-Car on the “Post-Game Spotlights” screen.

Not only this the studio will also assign titles to players based upon their performance and in-game stats. According to Psyonix they will be tracking specific statistics of each member of the winning team and will assign titles to the performance in that particular match. If any player boxes a lot of battle cars in Hoop mode, and the number of cars bumped could be the player’s most prominent stat which could result in player getting the title of Enforcer.

Below are the few of the 20+ titles and their associated Stats:

  • Aggressor – Most First Touches
  • Benchwarmer – Fewest Ball Hits
  • Prodigy – Score 3 or more goals
  • Speed Demon – Most Boost Pickups
  • Traitor – Score an own goal
  • Warden – Make 3 or more saves

With post game celebrations for Rocket League, developer Psyonix is also adding Quick chat option within the game and post-game Quick chats in order to increase interaction between competing players and teams.

This feature will also release in June update, players will be able to head into Chat menu in options section and can remap new phrases with ease.

You can check out the full announcement on Rocket League official site.

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