Overwatch Open Beta Infographic Shows Some Impressive Numbers

By   /   May 20, 2016
Overwatch Sombra

The Overwatch open beta has wrapped up in preparation for the game’s official release next Tuesday, and now Blizzard has compiled everything notable about the beta in an official Overwatch open beta infographic.

To begin with, the game’s cumulative playtime among 9.7 million people totaled up to 4.8 billion minutes of playtime. Splitting that up into minutes shows that it was 9,380 minutes worth of gameplay, across 37,623,607 different matches.

The average length for all of those matches turned out to be six minutes for Assault, seven minutes for Escort, nine minutes for Control, and seven minutes for Hybrid. Within those Escort missions, the attackers claimed victory 9,002,594 times, delivering payloads across a combined distance of 1.9 million kilometers.

The Overwatch open beta infographic also went over the various hero stats. These included the most-chosen heroes (Soldier 76, Widowmaker, Mercy, and Reinhardt), how much damage was dealt or healed by players (1,369,749,063,663 and 168,015,096,011, respectively) and how many Bastions were destroyed (for reference, 326 million).

The number of times that Hanzo and Genji deployed their respective ultimates was also counted, and totaled at around 112,895,075 different Dragonblades and Dragonstrikes. For everyone’s favorite cowboy gunslinger McCree, players moved their clocks ahead to High Noon 5.7 million times a day.

Players also earned 87,103,442 loot boxes, which in-game would get you new skins, new victory poses, and new sprays for you to use during gameplay. 341 different heroes were commended during the beta, and 72 million different enemy players were too. Finally, the Overwatch open beta infographic shows us the number of thank-yous from Blizzard: an infinite amount. D’aw.

Either way with the conclusion of the beta and the release of the infographic it would seem that Blizzard has a new goldmine on their hands. We’ll just have to see how much profit it turns out when Overwatch releases May 24 on PC, Playstation 4, and the Xbox One.

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