IO Interactive Talks About Hitman Episode 3, Next Elusive Target

By   /   May 20, 2016
Hitman Episode 3

Ever since Hitman started releasing its various episodes in March it’s won a lot of praise for being a return to form for the series after the rather linear levels of Hitman: Absolution. With two episodes already out on the market, Hitman Episode 3 is set to apparently come out sometime next month.

Originally the episode was supposed to be put out sometime this month, in May. However, since May is only a week away from ending, it seems that the new episode will be coming out after June starts. It promises to be yet another change in locale after the last two episodes, the first being in Paris and the second being in Italy.

Hitman Episode 3, entitled “Marrakesh,” will take place in the eponymous city, the fourth largest in the country. In addition to the change in locale, we’ll also be getting a new Elusive Target mission, which has already gotten a reputation for being challenging after only slightly over half of the game’s players could track the target down and eliminate them.

Agent 47’s mission in Marrakesh will be to sneak into the Swiss Embassy. The embassy is the target of a riot after the building gave shelter to a Swiss banker that’s been embezzling money. The banker in question is your main target. The second is a Moroccan general that is getting ready to launch a military coup of the country.

It’ll also most likely be a change in difficulty, not just scenery. While in Paris and Italy you could just walk in to the mission area and walk around until you found your targets, here you’ll have to be sneaking around a heavily-guarded government building where everyone’s on edge.

With luck people will be able to kill both the banker and the general, but that depends on how much luck they have with actually tracking down whichever one is the Elusive Target for the episode.

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