Destiny Rise Of Iron Expansion Leaked With Minor Details

By   /   May 20, 2016

Sometimes I wonder, what would the internet do without leaks. Destiny Rise Of Iron expansion has been leaked on the internet.

The leaked material is the poster for Rise Of Iron, which showcases Lord Saladin wielding a giant hammer. This leaked poster emerged on reddit, and later sources close to Kataku confirmed the legitimacy of this poster.


The Rise Of Iron will feature a new raid, which will most likely be fallen themed and will be larger than the first two year-one DLCs.

According to the report Rise Of Iron raid is loosely based on the raid that was removed from House of Wolves DLC.

This leak kind of falls in line with Activision’s plan to release a new and bigger expansion for Destiny.

Bungie has also postponed this week’s highly anticipated Trials Of Osiris and Iron Banner events due to a bug related to a heavy munition. This bug has forced Bungie to hold these events until it is fixed.

The bug is related to two different weapon perks which can be combined to create an exploit. The perks, Cocoon and Clown Cartridge, allows a Guardian, with a King’s Fall Raid weapon and a weapon with clown cartridge, to cycle between them until a glitch occurs and the weapon is overloaded with ammo.

Cocoon is an ability lets you store the weapon for a short time, then the weapon is automatically reloaded from your reserve ammo. Clown Cartridge is a perk that’s normally found on weapons with small clip sizes that gives the players a 25% chance to get 20% ammo bonus for the weapon.

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