Blizzard Allows Players to Change Tag Once for Overwatch

By   /   May 20, 2016 Tag

Since Blizzard’s upcoming brand-new IP Overwatch is finally going to be releasing next week, Blizzard has a special treat for players that aren’t happy with their tag anymore. Starting from when the game releases, players will be able to change their gamertag precisely once, to ensure they’re happy with it.

Changing gamertags is something that every gamer that plays online can attest to. Whether it’s something embarrassing that you’d rather other people not see, or if you’ve changed your mind about what you want to be called online, changing gamertags is something a lot of game services offer.

Xbox Live, for instance, allows you to change your gamertag a single time for free, or if you want to change it again you can do it for ten dollars. Steam doesn’t allow you to change your Steam ID, but you can change your top-level gamertag to whatever you want.

In this instance, Playstation is actually the exception to the rule. Due to its systems relying on a person’s username in order to do things, if you pick a bad gamertag there you’ll be stuck with it unless you make a new account. However, Playstation has said that they intend to allow players to change their tags in the future.

Blizzard also allowed players to change their tag once before, but what if, after that, a player gets tired of the gamertag they changed to? Now with Overwatch coming out, Blizzard is allowing those players to change their tag again.

However, you can only do it the one time, so think carefully if you really want to change it and make sure it’s a name that you want, unless you want to be stuck with it for another few years. In the meantime, we can all look forward to Overwatch when it comes out next Tuesday.

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