Xbox One Can Also Run Windows 95 Among Other Things

By   /   May 19, 2016
windows 95

One enterprising individual with too much time on his hands has somehow managed to put Windows 95 on his Xbox One, allowing him to run the aged computer software on the console itself.

YouTuber vcfan was able to do this due to Dosbox, a virtual DOS machine app that allows you to be able to run various operating systems (like, for instance, Windows 95) on it. Vcfan was able to run the system on his Xbox One, then recorded the footage and uploaded it.

While demonstrating the video, vcfan was able to play Duke Nukem 3D, a 1996 game that came out for the MS-DOS system. While vcfan didn’t play it for very long he did demonstrate that it was a perfectly serviceable game on the Xbox, which would normally be too far ahead of Duke Nukem 3D to play it properly without the proper architecture.

There are, however, things that will keep you from doing the same thing on your own Xbox One. Vcfan was able to do this only because he had a developer version of the console. This allows you to be able to load custom apps that are build for the Universal Windows Platform, which works across Windows 10 devices.

You hopefully won’t have to wait for long, however; Microsoft is planning to allow public Universal Windows Platform support for the Xbox One this summer. Whether or not it would allow you to do things like playing Duke Nukem 3D, however, is another matter entirely. Microsoft will most likely set limits on what owners of the app can actually create in order to prevent people from making something like a virus.

In the meantime, vcfan’s video explaining what he did to his Xbox One can be found here, so if you’re interested in how he did it you can go take a look for yourself.

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