TI6 Prize Pool Goes Over 4 Million Dollars in 48 Hours

By   /   May 19, 2016
TI6 Prize POOL Dota 2 Roshan Bug

The International 6 Compendium started a couple of days ago but managed to raised almost 4 million dollars. In fact, at the time of this writing it has gone past 4 million dollars – $4,051,301.

The total TI6 prize pool is now $5,651,301.

This is a massive boost over last year’s numbers when within the first 24 hours TI5 managed to raise $677,651 and another 700,000 the next day. We expecting to see TI6 prize pool touch $25 million this time around.

Moreover, if Ti6 prize pool surpasses $18,429,613 this year Valve is going to offer some enticing rewards.

Each year, Dota 2 fans the world over join together to raise the largest prize pool in all of esports. This time, if the pool surpasses last year’s total of $18,429,613, every Battle Pass owner will be granted three ‘Trust of the Benefactor’ treasure rewards. Each of these new treasures will offer a chance to receive a 2016 Immortal Treasure, a Random Hero Set, an Arcana Set, or an ultra rare chance at one of the following limited-run prizes:

  • 200 x Fire Lotus Belt
  • 200 x Golden Ornithomancer Mantle
  • 200 x Dragonclaw Hook
  • 200 x Rainmaker
  • 200 x Pipe of Dezun
  • 200 x Perceptions of the Eternal Mind
  • 200 x Kantusa The Script Sword
  • 200 x Shattered Greatsword
  • 200 x Golden Gravelmaw ¬†100 x Drodo the Druffin
  • 100 x Golden Grasping Bludgeon
  • 100 x Golden Shards of Exile
  • 100 x Golden Staff of Perplex
  • 100 x Golden Huntling
  • 100 x Golden Severing Crest
  • 100 x Golden Sullen Hollow
  • 100 x Golden Lamb to the Slaughter
  • 100 x Lockjaw the Boxhound ¬†50 x Golden Doomling
  • 50 x Murrissey the Smeevil
  • 50 x Ice Baby Roshan
  • 50 x Fire Baby Roshan
  • 25 x Guard of the Red Mist
  • 25 x Axe of Phractos
  • 25 x Monarch Bow
  • 25 x Burning Fiend
  • 25 x ???

Do you think TI6 Prize Pool will exceed $25 million?

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