The Division Conflict Update 1.2, Everything You Need to Know

By   /   May 19, 2016
The Division Underground DLC

Yesterday Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment released a trailer that showed us a lot of what we would be doing in the new The Division Conflict update. This included a new Incursion called Clear Sky, four new sets of armor, new loot dynamics, and two new gameplay modes, called “High Value Target” and “Search and Destroy” that appeared to be bounty-hunting sidequests. But first, there are other things to discuss.

The Division Conflict Update Balancing

First off is the loot balancing that will be coming with the new update. For a long time now since The Division launched, it’s basically been a must for people to use the crafting system in order to get high-end gear because of bad loot drops. Now, that will all be changing. Now you no longer have to go to the Dark Zone or to the Incursion in order to get high-end gear, because now it will drop naturally as you play PvE. As for weapon balancing, that’s going to be coming out after the actual update comes.

The Division Conflict Update Content

Next is going to be the actual content. With The Division Conflict update, now players will be able to play a new way to help them get loot and experience in the form of Search and Destroy events and High Value Target events. Both are intertwined, as well: Search and Destroy events are random events that take place in a zone that you’ve cleared–that is, you do all of the side missions and everything to secure a certain zone on the map.

Killing the enemies during that Search and Destroy event will net you a piece of Intel, which you will then continue to gather in order to find the High Value Target of the event, which are powerful enemies that will be more difficult to kill. There will be two types of High Value Targets: Daily, and Weekly. Weekly will be the ones that require more intel (Daily requires 5-15 pieces of Intel, Weekly will cost more) and will also be more dangerous.

Also during these random events will be areas known as “Critical Zones,” which will net you double the rewards if you clear them out.

The Division Conflict Update Dark Zone

In the Division Conflict update trailer, one thing people noticed is that now other agents can hijack the loot you’re extracting while it’s on the rope. However, you don’t have to worry too much if someone tries to steal your stuff during Dark Zone play. While players will be able to cut the rope, they’ll really have to work for it.

When they start cutting the rope, they’ll immediately be declared a Rogue Agent, and will be free game for every legitimate Division agent to take down in order to stop them. They will also require a good amount of uninterrupted time to cut the rope, which will drop in progress as they get shot. You’ll also be notified if someone is going after your stuff.

The Dark Zone will also be getting brackets now, depending on your Gear Score. There will be three brackets: The Below 160 bracket, the 160-200 bracket, and the 200+ bracket. Each one will have NPC enemies that will be leveled with you that will also give out better rewards for killing them.

And finally, sometimes while picking up gear in the Dark Zone you’ll find something called a “Sealed Cache.” Sealed Caches can have valuable loot and money inside of them, and are marked in rarity by color like with regular gear, so recovering them should be a top priority.

The Division Conflict Update Incursion

In addition to all of this new content, the game will also be getting a new Incursion. Known as “Clear Sky,” the incursion will focus around a group of Rikers enemies that have taken over a SAM (Surface-to-Air Missile) battery left behind by the Last Man Battalion, which was defeated in the last Incursion. After they shoot down a plane, your team will be sent in to take down the missiles to make the skies safe again.

Clear Sky will be completely different than Falcon Lost, the previous raid. For starters, it will not be a horde mode-style raid, where you fight off waves of enemies. Instead, it’s a two-phased raid. First, you run around the area killing enemies in order to pick up bombs to blow open the way to the next phase, which I assume (Ubisoft only showed the first phase in the stream that all of this info is from) is taking down the batteries. The raid will also have checkpoints, preventing a lot of frustration.

It won’t be any more difficult than Falcon Lost either; while the Gear Score is a bit too low in the build, if you were able to beat Falcon Lost, you’ll be able to beat Clear Sky. The Incursion’s Hard mode is also not going to be a part of the game at the same time as the rest of the Division Conflict update content. Instead, it will be released the following week to allow for fixes and to prevent people from cheesing or hacking everything in it.

The Division Conflict Update New Gear

And now, last but not least, we move on to the gear. The original Incursion update for the game launched with a quartet of new armor sets geared towards four different playstyles. The same is true for the Conflict update, which gives us four: Final Measure (a support tank where you get buffs that allow you to do more damage and take more), Hunter’s Faith (a Marksman Rifle set), Lone Star (a shotgun set where if you have every piece you get more ammo for shotguns and LMGs, and your weapons also automatically get a full magazine when they’re holstered), and Predator’s Mark, which is geared for Assault Rifles (and while using that, if you hit the same enemy with ten shots in a row without switching targets, you’ll also inflict the same amount of damage as a bleed on the enemy).

The Division Conflict update will be coming out next week, so you’ve got plenty of time to prepare for the update before it comes out.

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