Pokemon Sun and Moon Region Alola Will Have Multiple Islands

By   /   May 19, 2016
pokemon sun and moon region

It’s already been established by now that the Alola region, the new Pokemon Sun and Moon region in the upcoming Sun and Moon games, is based off of the islands of Hawaii. Now Nintendo has revealed that the region is even more like Hawaii than we first thought, right down to there being multiple islands in the region for players to travel between.

In our world, Hawaii is a small archipelago that’s comprised of eight main islands. Before we got confirmation that Alola was composed of multiple islands, however, we only saw what looked like one island for the whole region. Understandably this looked really small for a full region, but it doesn’t look like that’s a problem now.

The source for the new Pokemon Sun and Moon region’s multiple islands actually didn’t come from Nintendo itself. It actually came from Amazon, when it mentioned multiple islands of the Alola region in its description of the game.

The fact that Alola has multiple islands in its borders actually brings to mind Hoenn, which had a lot more Surfing than other regions due to four locations that were located on islands: Dewford Town, Mossdeep City, Sootopolis City, and Pacifidlog Town.

One can only hope that IGN doesn’t make anyone review this game, otherwise they may have some kind of fit because of all the water.

The presence of multiple islands can also work in favor to the gym system; if there are eight islands in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon region like there are in Hawaii, each island could contain a single city or town that has a Pokemon gym, allowing one badge per island with a ninth island holding the Pokemon League.

The presence of multiple islands might also mean that the Alola region has a large number of Water-type Pokemon of all kinds, though hopefully we’ll run into more than Tentacool and Wingull.

Either way we’ll have to wait for Nintendo to give out more details at some point in the future in order to get any real confirmation (before the game comes out in November at least), so hopefully they’ll give us more info soon.

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