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Minecraft Update 1.10 Features Polar Bears, The Husk, New Blocks and More

Minecraft Update 1.10 is already in the works and although Mojang has not shared the exact changelog of the patch, they have been sharing bits and pieces all the time about it.

So let’s have a look at exactly what they have managed to pull of so far, keeping in mind that this is certainly not a complete list.

To start off, you are going to get polar bears in the colder biomes, which are not going to be hostile when young, but they will ask for a fight when they grow up and are with their babies.

Similarly, you are going to be introduced to The Husk, which are going to act like zombies right after they spawn in hot and dry biomes. Skeleton-like Strays are also going to be introduced.

While that is all about the characters, the Update 1.10 is also bringing some new blocks including Bone Blocks, Structure Blocks, Nether Magma Blocks, Nether Warts Blocks and lastly Red Nether Bricks, followed by some other new features and bug fixes.

We have listed down all the changes and their details below, courtesy of PCGamesN. Check them out and tell us what you think.

Minecraft Update 1.10 New Creatures

  • Polar Bears
    • Spawn in cold biomes, including babies and the fully grown
    • Cubs are non-hostile, adults are neutral unless babies are nearby.
    • They drop fish and salmon when killed.
  • The Husk
    • Appear in hot and dry areas.
    • Similar to Zombies but do not burn.
    • Give 6/13/20 seconds of hunger on hit to players, based on difficulty.
  • The Stray
    • Similar to skeletons
    • Shoot and drop slowness arrows
    • Endermen will now spawn in the nether.

Minecraft Update 1.10 New Blocks

  • Structure blocks
    • Allow entire structures to be loaded and saved individually.
    • They have their own folder for this.
    • Designed to have an easy to use GUI and be faster than using /clone
    • Used to generate ‘fossils’ in the game
  • Bone blocks
    • Made from 9 bonemeal, also break down into that.
  • Nether Magma block
    • Deals damage to anyone standing on it – unless they’re sneaking or using frost walker
    • Destroys water source blocks after some time
    • Craftable from 2×2 magma cream
  • Nether Wart Block
    • Crafted from 9 nether wart
    • Breakable by hand
  • Red Nether Brick
    • Crafted from two nether wart, two nether brick

Minecraft Update 1.10 New Features

  • Mineshafts now spawn in Mesas
  • Village changes being ported from Minecraft: Pocket Edition – now spawn in taiga and savannah biomes.
  • Auto-jump option added, defaults to on.

Minecraft Update 1.10 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sound issues.

The update is yet to get official patch notes.