Mafia 3 Has “Perfect Combination” of Features, Will Exceed Everything Hangar 13 Has Done

By   /   May 19, 2016
Mafia 3 gameplay e3 2016

There is a lot in Mafia 3 to keep us excited about the New Orleans’ mafia scene from the sixties and they are still teasing us with those cryptic postcards, a new one was sent day before yesterday. However, the game has a lot more juice in it if the claims of Hangar 13 are to be believed.

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company, recently held their earnings call conference where the action-adventure game by Hangar 13 was also discussed.

Take-Two president Karl Slatoff, while talking to the stakeholders boasted that they were “very excited” about the game because it “has the perfect combination of what people are looking for in open world story based driven title with a lot of things that a lot of games don’t have, a lot of time and money is going into, so we’ve got a great creative team, team led by Haden Blackman.”

Referring to the action adventure genre he said that hitting the right spot always ensures a critical and significant success; with Mafia 3, is going to be “exceeding anything that we’ve ever done on the Mafia side before.” And he was referring to credit as well as commercial aspects.

You can always look at the previous Mafia titles as the benchmark, but again, I wouldn’t stake too much on that, because we think this time we’re vastly exceed what Mafia – the previous Mafia – has been able to accomplish over the past.

One problem with action adventure games is the length of them as well as the level of replayability. However, Hangar 13 has previously promised that Mafia 3 is going to have hours upon hours of gameplay with worthy replayability elements. Whatever happens, I am going to spend some quality time driving in the streets of New Orleans.

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