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Madden NFL 17 Features Improved Ball Physics and Plays

Madden NFL 17 is going to feature improved ball physics for a smoother, more authentic Madden experience. In previous games, the ball would snap to a player’s hand during a catch even though the ball might be pulled through in the process to a defender.

In Madden NFL 17, the ball will be knocked out of the player’s hand when appropriate and is going to collide with different body parts as well.

There are new animations for reacting to tips knee/ankle/sliding catches, and successful/attempted fumble recoveries.

Moving on, according to creative director Rex Dickson,”What we would like to believe we have built is a defensive counter to every single offensive concept that exists in Madden.”

There is a new section for playcalling menu called Run/Pass Counter. This lets you pick areas of the field where the opponent is doing better. For example, if some is killing with those RB passes to the flat, this menu will help you out. Go to Run/Pass Counters>Pass Counters>Short Passes Outside to select an appropriate counter.

Madden NFL 17 will be shown in detail at EA PLAY along with many other EA games like TitanFall 2, FIFA 17, unannounced titles and much more.

EA won’t be at E3 2016 in favor of its own event. EA PLAY is happening on June 12-14 at Club Nokia @ LA Live and in London June 12 at The Mermaid. Tune in to SegmentNext for all the information and news coming out of the event.

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Source: GameInformer