Final Fantasy XV Trailer Shows Off The World Of Wonder

By   /   May 19, 2016
Final Fantasy XV

During the Final Fantasy XV uncovered event in March, Square Enix premiered a Final Fantasy XV trailer which showed off the beautiful environments of the game like towns, city , buildings, caves and many more. Now Square Enix has released the trailer publically to hype things up.

We certainly have seen some visually stunning games in this generation, but I have not seen any game as stunning as this one. In this World Of Wonder trailer Square Enix is displaying the wonder they have created. The trailer consists of Panoramic shots of different environments, and the result is absolutely stunning.

Final Fantasy XV trailer starts with the skyline shot of a city and God is it beautiful. The attention to detail is enormous. The sheer scope of the game is beautifully summed up in this trailer.

It seems that Square Enix is not going to stop releasing trailers for the game displaying beautiful environments and other stuff. Recently Square Enix released a trailer for the game which showed off magic and combat in Final Fantasy XV so do check it out.

In a recent interview, Sqaure Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will have an easy mode. According to Square Enix, the company was worried that all this action might be too much for a relative newcomer to handle, which led to the inclusion of the easy mode. This turned out to be another difficult decision because Square Enix has never allowed players to select difficulty level before.

Square Enix expects huge revenues from the game, the company forecasts that revenues from Final Fantasy XV will increase between 16.8 percent to 26.1 percent compared to last fiscal year. The company also forecasts that the operating cost of the company will rise as much as 6.6% to 30%.

Final Fantasy XV is slated to release on September 30th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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