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eSports Spectating Will Cost You Money If Electronic Arts Have It Their Way

While it is a fact that there is no specific monetization policy in place yet for people who just want to spectate eSports competitions, however, if Electronic Arts’ future plans are considered, they will have something like that in place in the next two years, meaning they will be impacting more than 1 billion people with it.

Electronic Arts is extensively building their competitive gaming community into a single fold where they wish to implement a number of changes, including one where you will be paying to watch the matches.

The company’s eSports division has been discussing this ever since the division was formed back in December last year. We have gotten our hands on some slides where their future plans are laid out.

Their plan spreads across three years, the first one being FY2017 which end in April 2017 where they wish to focus on franchise participation the key points being organization under a dedicated leader, building CG features and platform and establishing partnerships.

The second year, ending April 2018 will focus on building a large community and monetization. This is where Electronic Arts wishes to scale the audience, select additional franchises and white label their capabilities.

The third year of their plan is what’s important here. In the third year, they want the eSports community to compete spectate and share and also “pay to spectate.”

Electronic Arts suggests that watching a competitive gaming match is not just about entertainment but also about learning which is why they think they can actually monetize it.

With the speed at which they want to attain all this, we might as well see periodic sponsorships for people who want to regularly spectate eSports competitions.

Agreeably, the gaming community considers competitive gaming as much a sport as any other sport in the world, but with that comes realization that all those international games also cost you sometimes.

How do you evaluate Electronic Arts’ totally corporate plans about the gaming community’s future?