Battleborn Success Can’t Be Determined Just Yet, Off to an “Encouraging Start”

By   /   May 19, 2016
Battleborn Competitive Mode

Battleborn is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is developed by Borderlands developer Gearbox and many of Battleborn’s aspects are inspired by it.

According to Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick, their new game is off to an “encouraging” start but they can’t yet determine how successful it would be.

The initial results are very encouraging. [But] it is early yet,” he said. “The scores are good, consumers like it, a lot of people playing it and really loving the gameplay. But I wouldn’t want you to draw the conclusion that the Battleborn curve is necessarily the Borderlands curve. We just don’t have any of that information yet

Gearbox previously said that early numbers are tracking ahead of Borderlands, which we can all agree is a great sign. However, can Battleborn be the next crowl jewel of 2K Games?

We’re encouraged, and we feel good about it, [but] it remains to be seen how it performs.

The online multiplayer shooter is a fun game to play but it is strange how 2K didn’t spend much on its marketing. Before the game’s release there was hardly any talk about. It would have bode well for the game if 2K focused a little more on publicity and marketing.

Battleborn will soon have some tough competition from OverWatch when it releases on May 24 for PC and consoles. It is a similar multiplayer shooter with unique characters and maps. Battleborn will need to step up its game to a whole new level.

Speaking of OverWatch, we are giving away the game for free. If you wish to grab a copy for the platform of your choice, head over here for details.

Have you played Battleborn? What do you think of it?

Source: GameSpot

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