343 Industries Will Try To Get Halo 5 Forge On PC

As Microsoft continues to do its best to integrate the Xbox One with Microsoft Windows 10, we’re getting more news from, of all places, 343 Industries, the developers of the new Halo trilogy. 343 Industries announced today that they’ll be working on getting Halo 5 Forge on PC.

Forge was first debuted by Bungie in Halo 3 while they still had control over the Halo franchise. It allowed players to interact with the geography and items and vehicles on many maps, customizing it to their liking in order to put everything that they want in a game on a map.

In Halo Reach this function was augmented with the Forge World map, which had a number of large, open maps with no buildings or visions that players could alter and make their own custom maps. This gave way to a lot of different, crazy, fun game types.

Forge has since been in every Halo game, though initially Halo 5: Guardians, the latest entry in the series, did not have Forge as part of the shipped game. It was later added in an update.

Forge on PC could allow people to have greater control over what they do to maps, and could allow an easier way for players to download a new Forge map to their own copies of Halo to play online. We may even get even crazier maps than we were already getting in Halo to begin with.

The Forge on PC app will be completely free to use, thankfully, and will not only have a modified user interface but also mouse and keyboard support. It will be capable of building anything that you could build in Halo 5: Guardians, so there won’t be any loss of creative potential either.

Whatever this means for further integration between Xbox One and Windows 10 remains to be seen, hopefully we’ll get more cooperation between the two that will enhance the experience for both.