Take-Two Teases New Rockstar Games, Red Dead Anyone?

By   /   May 18, 2016
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There have constantly been rumors floating around about the possibility of a new Red Dead game, but now it seems like Take-Two Interactive is teasing that new Rockstar games may be in the pipe at some point.

The rumors come from the studio’s financial reports for the year, which shows off the money that Take-Two earned for the year. While Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 was the top earner in both the regular Grand Theft Auto 5 game and Grand Theft Auto Online, other games like NBA 2K16, XCOM 2, and WWE 2K16 were also big earners.

Take-Two also has a busy new year ahead of itself with a number of highly anticipated games. These include Mafia 3 (coming in October), Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, NBA 2K17, and WWE 2K17. Not to mention the actual teasing itself.

None of the games listed for this year are Rockstar titles, though Take-Two has said that they’re hard at work on some very exciting future projects.

But what would those new Rockstar games be?

Obviously Grand Theft Auto 6 wouldn’t be on the list, considering that there’s always a several-year-long gap between each main entry into the series. What’s more likely is that we may be getting more Grand Theft Auto 5 DLC, either more for GTA Online or actual story-based single-player DLC, a la “The Ballad of Gay Tony” and “The Lost and the Damned” DLC stories that were in Grand Theft Auto 4.

Another thing to consider would be a new Red Dead game. Considering that Red Dead Redemption came out six years ago today in North America, one has to wonder what exactly Rockstar might be doing with the IP, especially given several leaks and hints about something that may be the game, which include a map that looks like it could fit with Red Dead Redemption’s map, and a LinkedIn profile that mentions RDR 2.

Anyway, since E3 is coming up in a few weeks we won’t have long to wait and see if Rockstar shows anything off at the conference.

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