Stellaris Update Schedule and Future Content Plans Shared

By   /   May 18, 2016
Stellaris update schedule

Stellaris is one of those games that have quickly risen in popularity, and although it has released less than ten days ago, fans already want to know all about the future plans of Paradox Development Studio regarding Stellaris update schedule and content plans.

Although the developers are still working on bug fixes and issues in response of the feedback, they have taken the time out to discuss exactly what they plan to do at least by the end of June.

Stellaris Update Schedule and Content Plan Shared

You are looking at three updates at least, two of which are going to be out before the end of next month – if everything goes well. However, you should expect major content changes in the second update among the two.

The first Stellaris update they have planned for you is called Clarke. The developers plan to release this near the end of this month. It will primarily attend to GUI issues and bug fixes, here are the highlights:

  • Fixes to the Ethic Divergence and Convergence issues. Currently, Pops tend to get more and more neutral (they lose Ethics, but rarely gain new ones.)
  • The End of Combat Summary. This screen looks bad and also doesn’t tell you what you need to know in order to revise your ship designs, etc.
  • Sector Management GUI: There are many issues with this, and we will try to get most of them fixed.
  • Diplomacy GUI issues. This includes the Diplomatic Pop-Ups when other empires contact you, but also more and better looking Notifications, and more informative tooltips on wars, etc.
  • AI improvements: Notably the Sector AI, but also plenty of other things. This kind of work is never “finished”…
  • Myriads of bug fixes and smaller GUI improvements.
  • Late game crises bugs. There were some nasty bugs in there, blocking certain subplots and various surprising developments.
  • Remaining Performance Issues. We know about them; they might even be hotfixed before Clarke.

Moving on, we will get Asimov, the second Stellaris update which is going to attend to the “more fundamental stuff.” It will come out in June although the developers were not being any more specific than that. Do keep in mind that these highlights are subject to change:

  • Border Access Revision: Borders are now open to your ships by default, although empires can choose to Close their borders for another empire (lowering your relations, of course.)
  • Tributaries: New diplomatic status and corresponding war goals.
  • Joint Declarations of War: You can ask other empires to join you for a temporary alliance in a war against a specific target.
  • Defensive Pacts.
  • Harder to form and maintain proper Alliances.
  • More war goals: Humiliate, Open Borders, Make Tributary, etc.
  • Emancipation Faction. We had to cut this one at the last minute. Needs redesign.
  • Diplomatic Map Mode. Much requested!
  • Diplomatic Incidents: This is a whole class of new scripted events that causes more interaction with the other empires.

There also is Heinlein, a planned third Stellaris update that the developers just have an overview in mind. This could include things like Sector and Faction as well as Federation and Alliance politics, “formations and/or more complex ship behavior” as well as a strategic resource overhaul.

Is there anything else that you might want to see in the next Stellaris update? Let us know in the comments below.

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