G-Police Trademark Registered by Sony, Remake Incoming?

By   /   May 18, 2016
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Word has just come out that Sony Computer Entertainment has filed a patent in Europe that trademarks the title G-Police. The name is also that of an old Playstation One game, a space-flight simulator that came out in 1997 and became highly popular.

Inspired by the setting of the science fiction movie Blade Runner, G-Police told the story of the titular police force as they fought against mega corporations that had taken over the Earth in the year 2097. The games won praise for their story and graphics, but also got criticism for a perceived unfairly high difficulty and difficult controls.

Now, it seems that Sony aims to capitalize on nostalgia in order to get a few new arcade games out on the market. This isn’t even anything new: a remake of the ultra-violent side-scroller “Shadow of the Beast” just released yesterday, and even came with the original Amiga version bundled with it.

Adding that to a variety of Sega games that have been re-released on Steam in arcade bundles by Sega (including games like Shining Force 1 and 2, and more) and nostalgia seems to be on the rise again for many developers.

Whatever the G-Police remake comes out looking like, hopefully it will come out looking like the Shadow of the Beast remake, which is apparently even better than its original incarnation and uses influences from other action games like Bayonetta to make something greater than before.

With luck, G-Force will be able to do that as well and that will allow the flawed control scheme and unfair difficult of its original version to get worked out by modern developers.

While there’s no telling when the remake will be coming out, or if it’s even in development yet (we may see something at E3, or we may not), hopefully Sony has something good on their hands, and will treat it with the respect it deserves.

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