Sega Unveils Motorsport Manager, an Automotive Management Simulator

By   /   May 18, 2016
motorsport manager

While not as exciting or as fun as Euro Truck Driving Simulator, Goat Simulator, or Train Simulator, the simulation genre also lends itself well to simulating what it would be like to manage a sports team. Steam has a lot of games of that kind in its library, with sports ranging from soccer to hockey to cycling to pro gaming or a space program. Now, Sega is adding to that genre by unveiling Motorsport Manager.

Motorsport Manager is an automotive management simulator, where you take control of the manager of an motor-racing team and try to get them to make it to the top. You’ll both hire and fire drivers and mechanics, develop cars, and more as you try and make your team the best it can be.

The game was released on iOS and Android devices a few years ago, but Sega is finally porting it over to PC. However, it won’t just be a straight-up half-assed iOS port. The PC port will have some noticeable differences, such as allowing you to watch your team’s races in 3D and build a car from scratch thanks to a brand-new engine for the PC version.

The PC port is possible, according to Playsport Games (the developers of the original iOS game) through Sega’s cooperation, and with the added money and developing experience that Playsport will be getting from the partnership, hopefully they can put together a PC game that they can be proud of.

Motorsport Manager for the PC comes out sometime in September, though at the moment there’s no confirmed release date. If you want to test out how the original mobile game was, you can still buy it that way and test it out before deciding whether or not to get the PC version.

If you’re not one for mobile games, you’re just going to have to wait until September for the game to come out.

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