League of Legends Patch 6.10 Released, Champion Changes, Taliyah, Nerfs and Buffs

Now that the Midseason of play in League of Legends is over, Riot Games has released League of Legends patch 6.10, which is mainly focused on fine-tuning the balance adjustments that came with patch 6.9. Mainly, it seems to be focused with balancing mage characters and reacting to other shifts in the game’s “ecosystem.”

These changes impact a large number of the game’s champions, including Alistar, Anivia, Aurelion Sol, Cassiopeia, Fiddlesticks, Fizz, Illaoi, Jinx, Malzahar, Master Yi, Nocturne, Shyvana, Swayne, Taric, Tryndamere, Vel’Koz, Vladimir, and Zyra.

The game is also getting a new champion, the long-awaited Taliyah the Geomancer! First shown off in the short story “The Bird and the Branch,” Taliyah finally seems to have found her way to the League of Legends and is ready to kick some ass.

There’s also more minor changes: Tristana’s skin splash pages got updated, showing her six different skins in a bunch of different dynamic poses.

Various portions of the Summoner’s Rift have also been adjusted. Jungle respawn timers have been shrunken to prevent cluttering up the screen, and the first wave of minions will now no longer be randomly grabbing an enemy ranged minion as a target.

The Mountain Drake’s “Mark of the Mountain Drake” move will no longer amplify damage, and the Ocean Drake will now be regenerating health and mana when it’s out of combat. So if you want to kill it, do it in one shot. Finally, turrets in the lanes will be taking less damage when the backdoor effect is on.

Only one item has been messed with this time around: the Bloodrazer Enchantment has received a buff to attack speed and now takes off 4% of the target’s maximum health on a hit.

The spells “Barrier” and “Ghost” have also gotten their cooldowns reduced, and Ghosts’s movement speed scales along with your level.

Various skins (including “Super Galaxy” skins for Kindred, Fizz, and Shyvana) and bug fixes, along with changes to the queue and two new Champion Mastery levels, round out the patch notes. If you want to see the League of Legends patch 6.10 patch notes for yourself, you can find them right here.