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Nintendo NX Releases March 2017, Custom Polaris, No HDD, 12GB LPDDR4, A72 @1.6GHz,

Looks like known leaker 10K has some more details about Nintendo NX, and this time he has a pretty long list of details he has supposedly gotten from a Nintendo of Europe employee directly including more on expected specs, price and launch.

Keep in mind that his track record has not been perfect, but he is known for making leaks so here we are.

Let’s have a rundown on all the alleged leaks. Firstly, the guy claims that the console was actually going to be launched in 2016 but that could not happen due to technological, logistical and software related constraints.

Another reason that has contributed to the date being pushed was a number of third party developers who weren’t okay with the idea of cartridges.

Now, the Nintendo NX reveal date is apparently going to be July 25, 2016 although the insider claims this date might get moved to August 4 with a Nintendo Direct presentation followed by a live presentation.

As for the final release date, it looks like we will get it no later than March 18, 2017 – just like we reported on part rumors.

Last but not the least, the handheld portion is going to come out in late 2017 and when it does, it will let you stream console games.

Moving on to the specifications. The leak suggests we are going to get an 8-Core ARM Cortex v8-a A72 @1.6GHz. We know that sounds pretty underclocked but the guy suggests that it is being kept that way on purpose for now.

The RAM is final apparently, and will be a 12GB LPDDR4 although how much of that is going to be dedicated to the OS is not confirmed yet. As far as the GPU is concerned, the Nintendo NX is apparently getting a custom AMD Polaris based GPU.

Also, the console is not going ot have any HDD but just a flash memory and as rumored earlier, it will come with cartridges which will be cheaper for third party developers somehow.

That being said, apparently there will be a core game SKU that will have more onboard memory and there will also be supplementary computing devices that will be released later down the line to expand computing power. These could cost $150.

The much discussed controller is after all going to have a screen on it alongside buttons.

Many of you will be glad if the next rumor comes true i.e. the console will support remote play and will also be region free.

Games leaked include For Honor, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Smash Bros port (not a launch title), and the expected price of the Nintendo NX is going to be around $339.