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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Everdyne and Pirandello Groups Roles Discussed

When you start walking in the shoes of Faith in the city of Glass next month, you are not only going to be in a parkour powered fight with the enemies but a whole system of stratification in the community. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has these organizations called Everdyne Energy and Pirandello Group both of which play a role in shaping the city the way it is.

These two groups were discussed in length by the developers lately. So let’s see what they are and what they do.

First off, Everdyne Energy is a corporation that is responsible for providing energy to Cascadia, the nation in which Glass is situated. Their resources are depleting and also increasing population at an alarming rate and this “growing lack of vital resources is one of the most well-kept secrets in the entire country.”

Everdyne also handle the extensive desalination needed to provide Cascadia with enough fresh water, and here too their resources and facilities are stretched beyond the breaking point.

Next up is the Pirandello Group, which is basically the organization that provides clothes to the city. They play a role in keeping the class difference by using pricing strategies on who wears what. Here’s a description:

Pirandello clothes the citizens of Cascadia. They set the trends, decide the latest fashion, and further cements the strata in society by offering different clothes ranges to the Corporate Houses and regular employs, making sure the House range is priced way above the pay-level of a regular employee. The clothing lines are complemented with beauty and hygiene-products in the same price-ranges. In Cascadia the way you dress and smell is an immediate class identifier.

WIth an M rating, 720p and 60FPS, less than demanding system requirements and after multiple delays, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is going to release on June 7.