Hideo Kojima Shows Off Ludens, the Face of Kojima Productions

By   /   May 18, 2016
first kojima productions game

Ever since Hideo Kojima let it slip that the emblem of his company Kojima Productions had a hidden meaning behind it, the internet’s been abuzz with what it could actually be.

Now, though a stunning piece of artwork, Kojima has introduced us to Ludens, whose helmeted head (skull?) serves as the logo for Kojima Productions. Kojima appears to not have dropped the cyborg and mecha aspect of his games from his own work these days, but Ludens is not a character from an upcoming KojiPro game.

However, he has said that the studio is making a game that players of Uncharted and The Division will enjoy.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what that will be aside from being exclusive to the Playstation 4 and PC.

Whether we’ll see anything more of Ludens from Kojima remains to be seen, but hopefully with such a cool design he won’t be wasted. Personally I’m a fan of big suits of future-armor, though whether that’s actually a skull inside the helmet or a form of rage helm I’ve got no idea.

It also appears to be a space suit (you can see the words “Extra Vehicular Creative Activity” which seems to just be a fancy term for spacewalking, that and the flag it’s holding.) Unfortunately, for me that just brings to mind the Vashta Nerada monster from Doctor Who.

Whatever Kojima has in mind for Ludens, whether simply as a company mascot or as a future character for a game, hopefully he’ll be able to make whatever he wants now that Konami isn’t breathing down his neck and is more concerned with mobile games and pachinko.

Personally I do hope that Ludens ends up being in a game one day; after all, you can’t just have a character that looks that cool and just leave them on the cutting room floor, can you?

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